Ballot Statement

As a lifelong resident of Antioch, a retired police lieutenant, and local small business owner, I’m concerned about the direction Antioch is heading. Our city needs REAL leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up and initiate change to get Antioch BACK ON TRACK. Here are my thoughts:

Don’t DEFUND the police – we need more police officers, not less. Insist our officers wear body cameras to record every interaction. Homelessness is out of control. City officials are turning Antioch into a regional haven for the homeless. We can be compassionate and investigate solutions that don’t involve housing the homeless in tents, trailers or crime-ridden motels. We need to clean up the trash. District 2 needs to get our fair share of code enforcement funding; landlords should be required to take responsibility for their properties. We’ve already begun implementing REAL solutions to stop the neighborhood sideshows.

Antioch is a community that celebrates diversity. We need to work TOGETHER, UNITED toward a city free from racial bias by including our Antioch Police Department in this important conversation. I’m honored to have the endorsement of the Antioch Police Officers’ Association for my election.

My wife, Kristine, and I have raised our three children here. There’s a lot that needs to change to GET ANTIOCH BACK ON TRACK – so we can all be proud of the place we call home. I know we can tackle Antioch’s challenges together and invite you to email or call me (925) 584-8121 with your thoughts. Thank you.